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  1. Zeranski, Joseph. General Putnam’s Horseneck confrontation with the British: including General Israel Putnam’s historic feat of descending the Great Hill. Horseneck, Connecticut: Dumpling Pond Press; 2001 Feb; v, 31 pp., illus., maps, notes, paper covers, 28 cm. 
Notes: Title page reads: “GENERAL PUTNAM’S HORSENECK / CONFRONTATION WITH THE BRITISH / Including General Israel Putnam’s / Historic Feat of Descending / the Great Hill /     / FEBRUARY 26, 1779 /     / Joseph Zeranski /     / Dumpling Pond Press / Horseneck Connecticut /     / February 2001″
Location: Ct, CtGre, CtOg, CtSHi.
Abstract: “Stories regarding General Tryon’s invasion of Horseneck, particularly of Putnam and his legendary ride, are plentiful, but they are frequently fragmentary, often contradictory, and needed to be sorted out and woven together into a solid story. In 1978, I prepared a brief account on this event. It was daunting to put together this historical narrative, suspecting that yet addition information on the subject sits somewhere undiscovered. There were too many loose ends to resolve by the event’s 200th anniversary and it was put aside.

In 1998, I began to rewrite and enlarge the original paper. There was an assortment of additional, often obscure, material that was dug up and integrated into the picture. The result contains little known and interesting insights into the confrontation. This study attempts to present a more thorough treatment on this subject than previously available and should contribute to dispelling some popular misconceptions concerning the event.”   Joseph Zeranski, p. iv. (Copyright 2001 by Joseph Zeranski. Reproduced with permission.)

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