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Index to Record Groups in the Collection

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Group # Title
RG-1 Stamford Fire Department
RG-1.01 Stamford Fire Department, Miscellaneous Logs, Reports, and Documents - 1901 to 1982
RG-1.02 Stamford Fire Department - South End Fire Station
Records pertaining particularly to the present Engine Company No. 2, 1969-1982
RG-2 Anson Dickinson
RG-3 The Catharine Aiken School
RG-4 Sarah Frances Smith
RG-5 Alfred W. Dater Council - Boy Scouts of America
RG-6 Charles Henry Crandall    List of Poems and Essays in Papers of Charles H. Crandall
RG-7 The Stamford Manufacturing Company (Cove Mills)
RG-8 The Stamford Gas & Electric Company
RG-9 The Stamford Board of Trade
RG-10 L.B. DeForest (Long Ridge Butcher)
RG-11 Civil Defense in Stamford
RG-12 Fort Stamford Restoration, Inc.
RG-13 Stamford Tax Records - The Grand Lists (recorded online in another section)
RG-14 Minutes of the Hubbard Heights Golf Club, Inc. and the Game of Golf in Stamford and Surrounding Areas
RG-15 The Stamford House Register (1865-1869)
RG-16 The Diaries of Noah W. Hoyt
RG-17 The Stamford Medical Society
RG-18 Excelsior Hardware
RG-19 Items from The Bibliography of Stamford
Online Bibliography of Stamford, an annotated & indexed compilation of books, pamphlets, special editions of newspapers, atlas, articles in periodicals, and motion picture film, containing information relating to the history of Stamford, Connecticut.
Search capability.
RG-20 Veterans Graves Registration, The Samuel W. Morrell Collection
RG-21 Land Site Surveys and Plot Plans