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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month

Selections by Irene Hahn, Suzann Emmens
Research assistance by Ron Marcus, Grace Bounty, Margaret Bowen
Created by Irene Hahn

Blickensderfer portable typewriter with case and tools

Current Selection

Our apologies for not posting anything yet in 2010 and early 2011, website conversion work took priority.
The feature will return in the Fall.

Photo Collection Information

Selections 2009
January 2009 High Ridge in the Snow
February 2009 Blacksmiths in Stamford
March 2009 Postcards: Hotels in Stamford
May 2009 Farms in Stamford
September 2009 Barbershops of the Past
November 2009 The Citizens Savings Bank, c. 1914
December 2009 A Reprise: The Portable Typewriter and its Uses, 1913
Selections 2008
January 2008 Ladybird Johnson Opens Kiwanis Park, May 16, 1968
February 2008 From Our Postcard Collection: Bridges
April 2008 Baseball in Stamford
May 2008 The C.O. Miller Department Store at 15 Bank Street
June 2008 From Plates, Puddings and Pies to Plants (Gardening in North Stamford 1916)
September 2008 Ferries of Yesteryear
October 2008 Columbus Day Parade 1975
November 2008 The Stamford Baptist Church
Selections 2007
May 2007 The League of Women Voters and Harold I June, June 26, 1930
June 2007 Brownstones on Bell Street
July 2007 The Nature Studies and Recreations of a Business Man
Selections 2006
January 2006 Women's Fashions
February 2006 Grocery & Variety Stores
April 2006 Rezo Waters, Basket Weaver
June 2006 Bands & Orchestras
September 2006 Yachting in Stamford
October 2006 Lockwood and Palmer Department Store
November 2006 The DiPreta Family: Seven Sons in WWII
Selections 2005
January 2005 Ice Harvesting - The Diamond Ice Company
February 2005 Presidents, Past Presidents, Would-be Presidents in Stamford
March 2005 Burleigh Park: The Phillips Estate, c. 1900
May 2005 Dr. Givens' Sanitarium, Stamford Hall
June 2005 Portrait Postcards, Early 20th Century
July 2005 July 4th Celebrations in Stamford
October 2005 Football in Stamford, 1890 to 1942 / Michael Boyle
November 2005 A Veterans Day Special: Soldiers Monument, St. John's Park
December 2005 The Circus Comes to Town, and more…
Selections 2004
March 2004 Horse Carriages
May 2004 A Woodland Home Made of Packing Boxes
July 2004 Postcards: Fun at the Beach (Shippan Point)
September 2004 One-Room Schoolhouses in Stamford
November 2004 Hoyt Getman & Judd and The St. John Wood-Working Company
Selections 2003
January 2003 The Wardwell Homes on Elm Street
February 2003 The Old Town Hall II  
March 2003 The Portable Typewriter and its Uses, 1913 
June 2003 Wardwell Family Photos
Selections 2002
January 2002 The E.B. Hoit Company. Grand Central Market in 1913
February 2002 The C.O. Miller Company. Department Store
April 2002 The Hoyt Family Meeting 1866
May 2002 Memorial Day Parade 1919
August 2002 The Children's Home on Hamilton Avenue
September 2002 Public Works Department 1914. Building Roads with the Rock Crusher
October 2002 The Hurricane of '38 and the Floods of '54 an '55
November 2002 Linden Lodge
December 2002 The Maziarek Woodworking Shop
Selections 2001
January 2001 First National Bank
February 2001 Stamford's First Oldsmobile and the Mechaley Brothers
March 2001 The Blizzard of 1888
April 2001 Stamford Street Railroad Co.
May 2001 Dr. Jacob Nemoitin (1880-1963), Stamford's healer & humanitarian, painter & poet
Summer 2001 The Old Town Hall and the 1904 Fire
October 2001 Stamford Post Offices
November 2001 Postcards from another age
December 2001 Images from Guide to Nature Magazine, June 1910
Selections 2000
June 2000 Strand Theatre on Upper Atlantic Street, ca. 1933
July 2000 Union House Hotel, ca. 1870
August 2000 “The Anderson Opera Company,” ca. 1890
September 2000 Dr. Francis J. Rogers, Physicians & Druggist
October 2000 Election 1936: Alfred Noroton Phillips Jr., Wilbur Lucius ”Uncle Toby” Cross
November 2000 Bicycle patrol in Stamford, then and now
December 2000 The Railroad