The Stamford Historical Society, Index of Inventoried Collection

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Collection Item Collection ID Number of Boxes & Containers
Advertising Blotters IC147 1
Anderson, Maxwell IC104 1
Atlas Union News IC084 1
Ayres, Frederick Hait (1806-1880) IC146 3
Bailey, Whitman, Drawings IC112 6
Bailey, Whitman Sketches IC136 4
Betts Academy IC017 5
Bibles with Family Registers – Genealogical Information IC026 21 Citations
Bicentennial Plaquing Program / Historic House Research IC020 7
Billhead Collection IC039 1
Bishop and Hoyt IC069 2
Brady and Chadeayne IC148 3
Broadsides & Posters IC007 4
Brown, Rev. Gary Pierce, Sermons of IC130 1
Burns, Rosemary H., Papers of IC080 5
Buttery, Chet WWII, Letters of IC121 1
CAN Neighborhood ASA. / Cove East Side Coalition, Papers of IC108 3
Certificates Collections IC054 1
Civil War Diary of Sylvester Luther Scofield IC144 1
Clapes, Louis, Mayoral Papers of IC036 6
Comptroller’s Office of Connecticut, Papers of IC015 1
Couch, Thomas, Orderly Book of IC132 3
Courtland Terrace Association, Inc. IC125 1
Davenport Exhibit IC113 3
Davenport Family Genealogy Papers IC128 9
Davenport Family, Papers of IC041 2
Deed Collection IC028 1
Dorr Oliver Corp. IC131 3
Durey, John C. (Attorney at law), Papers of IC095 1
Elliott – Cook – Jones Family IC072 1
Ephemera Collection IC022 0
Essex Market, Papers of IC042 1
Ethnic Survey, WPA Writers Project IC083 1
Excelsior Handware / Elisha Mix – Billheads IC018 1
Family History Papers IC003 1
Fessenden, Samuel, Papers of IC105 1
Fiorelli, Joseph A., Papers of IC152 1
Forum, The (Stamford Newspaper) IC082 4
Giordano, Bruno, Mayoral Papers IC037 16
Grey Court School, Yearbook & History IC137 1
Halliday Family Correspondence IC059 9
Herzog, Robert, Papers of IC067 1
Hickey, William, Mayoral Papers IC035 1
Historic House Survey IC020 12
Historic Neighborhood News, Newsletters IC002 1
Holly Family Papers IC068 2
Holly, Flora Mae, Papers of IC048 1
Holman, Libby Reyanold Estate “Treetops” IC136 3
Hoyt, Samuel B., Estate of (Farm, Roxbury) IC096 1
Individual Families, Genealogies of IC088 16
Individuals, Papers of IC040 1
Jones Family/High Ridge IC143 6
Jones, Robert M., Glad Hand Press Collection IC093 1
Jones, Robert M., Graphic Arts Collection IC120 7
Kennedy, J. Walter, Mayoral Papers IC038 1
Koproski, Al, Papers of IC153 3
League of Women Voters, Papers of IC013 39
Letters Collections IC043 1
Long Ridge Women’s Suffrage Club IC141 1
Luders Marine Construction Company IC094 1
Machlett Laboratories, Inc. IC016 15
Marion Castle IC097 14
Mayers, Thomas, Mayoral Papers IC032 2
Metz, Theodore (composer), Papers of IC029 1
Mills, Newman, Papers of IC076 4
Manuscript Materials, Loose, Misc. IC057
Nakian, Maria, Papers of IC124 2
Nemoitin, Dr, Jacob, Papers of IC078 6
Newspaper Collection IC019 11
North Stamford Bus Company IC119 1
Nyitari, Ernest, Papers of IC049 1
Oral History Collection IC086 1
Overbrook Press, The IC151 2
Paracentric Club of Yale & Towne Mfg Co. IC074 2
Pavia, Tony, WWII Book Materials IC115 2
Paxton School Boxes, 1. Revonah Woods, 2. Henneberger & Jevne Families, 3. Paxtons School IC109 3
Performing Arts & Motion Picture Collection IC031 5
Phonograph Albums IC008 1
Quigley, Thomas F. J, Mayoral Papers IC034 1
Racial Council of Stamford, Minutes of the Meetings September 1931 – October IC118 1
Ransohoff, Babette, Papers of IC060 2
Real Estate Prospectus & Architectural Data IC005 11
Real Estate Sales Stamford, Connecticut 197 IC046 1
Religious Material IC030 1
Reynolds, Libby Holman Estate “Treetops” IC136 3
Rich, FD, Papers of IC070 1
Roberts, Richard J. – Cemetery Surveys IC123 3
Robie, Marcia, (1924-1984), Papers of IC098 3
Roosevelt, Emily Hubbard, Papers of IC081 4
Rotary Club, Papers of IC055 4
Rural Republican Women’s Club, Papers of IC066 1
SACIA Scrapbooks IC012 6
Schubert Club, Papers of IC089 2
Scofield, Richard, Papers of IC071 1
Scofield, Sylvester Luther , Civil War Diary of IC144 1
Seeley, Albert, Papers of IC061 3
Shaw, Richard and Ella, Papers of IC134 1
Sivertson, Charles, WWII Letters of IC107 4
Smith, Gilbert, Civil War Letters of IC106 1
Songs of Stamford Composers & Publishers) IC091 1
Spanish–American War Volunteer Enlistment, Connecticut National Guard, Stamford, Connecticut IC116 1
Sparrow, James, Papers of IC063 1
Spiers, Robert W., Genealogy Collection IC140 7
St. John’s Roman Catholic Church, Papers of IC092 24
Stamford Advocate WWII Military Service Records IC073 8
Stamford Bicentennial Corporation, Papers of IC024 5
Stamford Colosieum Authority, Papers of IC053 1
Stamford During the Americn Revolution IC056 1
Stamford Historical Society Exhibit, Civil War IC127 3
Stamford Historical Society Exhibit, Civil War, Songs of Stamford (Composers & Publishers) IC127 2
Stamford Historical Society Exhibit, Davenport IC113 3
Stamford Historical Society Exhibit, Of Significant Influence, Women of Stamford IC100 3
Stamford Historical Society Exhibit, Urban Renewal IC110 2
Stamford Historical Society Exhibit, World War II IC114 3
Stamford Historical Society Newsletters IC001 3
Stamford Historical Society, Papers of IC025 8
Stamford Lyceum Library IC062 1
Stamford Medical Society, Papers of IC058 2
Stamford Museum Mineralogical Society IC052 1
Stamford Racing Pigeon Club IC138 1
Stamford Savings Bank Real Estate De IC064 1
Stamford School Newspaper Collection IC044 2
Stamford Sewer Assessment Maps 1887 IC006 1
Stamford Tax Records, after 1820 IC011 1
Stamford Telegram, Papers of IC047 1
Stamford Worker: Yale & Towne Worker IC085 1
Stamford, City of, Board of Education Collection IC090 9
Stamford, City of, Commision of Aging IC117 2
Stamford, City of, Fine Arts Owned by IC122 1
Stamford, City of, Law Department, Papers of IC077 18
Stamford, City of, Reports, Plans, & Studies IC009 10
Stamford, City of, Smith House Health Care Center IC004 2
Stamford, City of, Stamford Police Department, Annual Reports of IC103 1
Stamford, City of, Tax Records: Tax Collector’s Books IC075 67 volumes
Stamford, City of, Zoning Regulations IC087 1
Stamford, Town of, Schools: Papers IC027 1
Stamford, Town of, Taxation (Grand Lists) see also Taxation in Stamford, CT from 1641 to the Code of 1821 IC102 4
Stamford,Town of, Papers of IC014 1
Stedwell, Marion J., Papers of IC129 8
Survey of Darien Grave Stones IC123.1 1
Teleregister Corp. IC133 1
Towne Family, Papers of IC050 3
Towne Henry R., Papers of IC051 1
“Treetops”- Reynolds, Libby Holman Estate IC136 3
Unbound Manuscripts IC021 3
Vescio, Peter, Papers of IC065 1
Veteran’s Graves Registration, Maps of Samuel W. Morrell IC099  1 volume
Wakeman, L.H., Papers of IC045 2
Wakeman, Levi (clergyman), Papers of IC079 4
Waterbury Family, Papers of IC135 7
Waterbury, Marcus, Family Papers IC139  1
Wheeler, Walter H. Jr., Personal Papers of IC101 51
Wicks, Edith M., Papers of IC010 52
Wilensky, Julius M., Mayoral Papers IC033 4
Yale & Towne Mfg Co., Paracentric Club IC074 2
Yearbook Collection IC023  various

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