The Stamford History Center is grateful to the Connecticut Humanities for supporting this film project:

Hoyt-Barnum House 2016: A 5 Mile Journey, 317 Years in the Making

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Click here to view photos of the move Part I

Click here to view photos of the move Part II

Click here to view photos of the move Part III

The 1699 Hoyt-Barnum House has been moved from 713 Bedford Street to 1508 High Ridge Road. The little red house has had a long life at its original location, but downtown construction projects are encroaching upon what is left of its once charming neighborhood. When the City of Stamford approached the Historical Society about building a new police station practically on top of the house, we set about finding a compromise. We agreed to sell our land to the City and as part of the package, our historic house museum would be carefully relocated to our North Stamford campus. This is an amazing chance to breathe new life into a precious artifact and introduce the Stamford History Center and its offerings to new generations of Stamford families.

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