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  1. Ullmann, Helen Schatvet. “Some Fairfield County, Connecticut Anglican Church Records.” New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 1999 Jan; Vol. 153 (No. 609) pp. 110-120; ISSN: 0028-4785.
Notes: Published by The New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.
Location: Ct, CtS, CtSoP, DLC, MB. 
Transcript of records of communicants, baptisms, marriages and deaths for the towns of Norwalk, Ridgefield, Stamford and Greenwich. Kept between 1742-1746, probably by Rev. Richard Caner, Church of England [Episcopal]. The original manuscript is located at the Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Connecticut.
  2. Union Baptist Church. Reflections : a day of dedication and cornerstone laying. (Stamford, Connecticut): Union Baptist Church; 1978 Oct 22; (122) pp., paper covers, illus., ports., 28 cm. 
Notes: Title page reads: “Reflections … / [sketch of Union Baptist church] / UNION BAPTIST CHURCH / “A Day of Dedication / and / Cornerstone Laying” / October 22, 1978 / 805 Newfield Avenue       Stamford, Connecticut / Reverend Robert W. Perry, M. Div., Pastor”
Location: Ct, CtS, CtSHi.             Kemp (p. 625).     Parks (No. 8619).
Abstract: Parks (No. 8619) states, “Black church. Includes historical sketch.”             “To each of you that share the experience of this book, join with us in reflections, revelations and rejuvenation.   In this ninetieth year of existence, we have arrived at a new land of promise, a new home, a new page of history. It is our hope that this new station for God’s healing will provide for our community a resource for service and a bulwark of truth.   Share with our congregation our legacies and hopes that this journal committee has so aptly prepared.”   Reverend Robert W. Perry, p. (2).                           “The Purpose of this ‘Booklet’ is to trace graphically and in words the significant events in the growth and development of Union Baptist Church.   The history of our race is still being written, and the church has played, and is playing a very vital part in that history.   We have tried to express herein the philosophy of our inspired leadership; a leadership that gave birth to a broad concept of the spiritual, and social obligations of the Church of God. We also have tried to indicate with a reasonable degree of fidelity and gratitude, how a vast majority of our great membership caught the spirit and made it possible for all hands working under divine inspiration to forge this dream into tangible realities.   We, the members of the committee, commend this modest piece of work to the members of Union Baptist Church. It is our wish and prayer that it will prove to be a satisfactory expression of your ideas.   We also hope that it will be read with the same empathic understanding, that guided us through the many days of work, days of fears, some gladness and some sadness, but our labor has been a fruitful one.   We deeply appreciate the cooperation received directly and indirectly from the congregation; and in addition, would like to express our gratitude to the friends in the community who supported this effort.”   Nina W. Daniels, Chairperson, p. (1).   (Reproduced with permission.)
  3. United Jewish Federation of Stamford. Shalom Stamford Committee. Shalom Stamford – A guide to the Stamford Jewish Community. Stamford, Connecticut: United Jewish Federation of Stamford; 1985 Summer-5745 Summer; 36 pp., paper covers, illus., maps, index, 14 x 22 cm. 
Notes: Title page reads: “SHALOM STAMFORD / A Guide to the / Stamford Jewish Community”
Location: CtSHi.
This comprehensive guide for newcomers offers information regarding all the Jewish organizations in Stamford, Connecticut.
  4. United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. In re investigation of accident on the New York, New Haven & Hartford railroad at Stamford, Conn., on June 12, 1913. Washington, D. C.: United States Government Printing Office; 1913; 24 pp., paper covers, 25 cm. 
Notes: Location: Ct, DLC, MB, MH.
”Report of the Commission, McChord, Commissioner.”
”Approved July 7, 1913.”
CIS Index to US Executive Branch Documents, 1910-1932. Part 4: No. IC1.57-5.134. 
Abstract: “On June 12, 1913, a rear-end collision occurred between the first and second sections of westbound train No. 53 at Stamford, Conn., on the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, resulting in the death of 6 passengers and the injury of 20 passengers and 2 mail clerks. Inspectors who were in the immediate vicinity proceeded to Stamford within a short time after the occurrence of the accident, while others were ordered to that point to assist in the investigation. 

A public hearing was held by the Commission at Bridgeport, Conn., on June 18-19, 1913, and the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Connecticut, which was then engaged in an investigation on its own initiative, was invited to and did participate in this hearing.”   United States.   Interstate Commerce Commission, p. 1.
  5. Updegraff, Marie. Roxbury Community Church 1870-1970. (Stamford, Connecticut): Roxbury Community Church; 1970; 20 pp., illus. color & b/w., ports, advts., paper covers, 23 cm. 
Notes: Title page is on cover which reads: “[color reproduction of painting of the Roxbury Community Church by Ned Herrmann] / Roxbury Community Church / 1870     1970”       Imprint on back of pamphlet reads: “Design by Stella Adolfson / Text by Marie Updegraff / Color reproduction of painting by NED HERRMANN / from the Collection of MR. AND MRS. W. RICHARD MOFFITT”   
Location: CtSHi.     
The church was built by William Washington Studwell of Stamford. In addition to his skill as a carpenter-builder, he was also a cabinet maker, creating all the pews out of American chestnut. The architect was A. C. Arnold.
  6. Updegraff, Marie. The story of the Stamford Hospital, 1896-1971: seventy five years of service, with more than 100 photographs. Stamford, Connecticut: Stamford Hospital; 1971 Dec; (vi), 97 pp., illus., ports., 28 cm. 
Notes: Title page reads: “The Story of / THE STAMFORD HOSPITAL / 1896 – 1971 /       / by Marie Updegraff /     / Seventy five years of Service /     / with more than 100 photographs /       / Published by The Stamford Hospital / A Community – Supported, / Non – Profit Hospital / Stamford, Connecticut / December, 1971″         Imprint on last page reads: “Book designed by Florence H. Pettit / Editorial Consultant, Kay Farmer / Cover photograph by Charles F. Bernhard / Printing by T. O’Toole & Sons, Inc., South Norwalk, Conn.”
Location: CtHi, CtS, CtSHi, CtY-M.           Parks (No. 8626).
Abstract: “This book is dedicated to Judge John Clason, founder of The Stamford Hospital, and to the many others who had the courage, compassion, generosity and vision to give to this community a hospital which provides the best possible treatment to all patients regardless of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex or religious creed.” Marie Updegraff, p. (i).                                                                                                      “This book, which commemorates the 75th anniversary of The Stamford Hospital, is written especially for the many people who have, over the years contributed so much in time, effort, service and money to make The Stamford Hospital an outstanding health center.   An anniversary year is the time to review past events. This book provides us with an opportunity to reflect over the spectacular growth of The Stamford Hospital in just 75 years – growth not only in its physical facilities, but also in the quality and number of its services to the people in the community.” Thomas F. Richardson, p. (iv).   (Copyright 1971 by the Stamford Hospital. Reproduced with permission.)
  7. Updegraff, Marie. The story of the Stamford Hospital School of Nursing 1901-1976: seventy five years of service to humanity. (Stamford, Connecticut): (Stamford Hospital); 1976; (iv), 57 pp., paper covers, illus., list of all 953 graduates, 26 cm. 
Notes: Title page reads: “The Story of / THE STAMFORD HOSPITAL / SCHOOL OF NURSING / 1901-1976 /     / by Marie Updegraff /     / Seventy Five Years of Service to Humanity”
Location: CtS, CtSHi.     Parks (No. 8627).
Abstract: “This book is dedicated to the 953 graduates of The Stamford Hospital School of Nursing whose lives were motivated towards the alleviation of human suffering. Through their compassion, learned skills and devotion to duty, they have helped to make Nursing the noble profession it is today.” Marie Updegraff, Dedication on reverse of title page.                                                                                                                             “This book has been written to commemorate 75 years of nursing education at The Stamford Hospital and the contribution of the 953 graduate nurses to this Hospital and to the many communities they have served. It provides an opportunity for all of us to look back and reflect on the hard work of becoming a nurse as well as the many good times shared as students.   As nursing education has engaged in a continuous process of growth and change, we now look ahead to a collegiate base rather than a hospital base setting for nursing education.   The School will be closing at the end of this 75 years. We look to the future with the knowledge that we can be proud of its heritage, its students and its faculty – a heritage which will live on in the memories of all those who have been touched in any way by The Stamford Hospital School of Nursing.” Patricia Szczech, p. (i).   (Copyright 1976 by the Stamford Hospital. Reproduced with permission.)

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