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  1. Yale University: Schools of Architecture & Design. “Portfolio of recent works: Taft Architects – Project Designers.” Perspecta : Yale Architectural Journal. 1982; Vol. 18, pp. 190-194; ISSN: 0079-0958.
Notes: Published by MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and The Yale Architectural Journal, New Haven, Connecticut.         Includes floor plans.
Location: AAP, ArU, AzTeS, AzU, CaOTP, CL, CLSU, CLU, CoFS, CoU, CSf, CSfSt, CSjU, CSS, CSt, CtMW, CtNlC, CtU, CtWillE, CtY, CU, CU-A, CU-Riv, CU-S, CU-SB, DAU, DCU, DeU, DHU, DLC, DSI, FMU, FTaSU, FTS, FU, GASU, GAT, GEU, GU, IaAS, IaU, IC, ICarbS, IdU, IEN, InGrD, InMuB, InNd, InU, IU, KU, KyU, LNT, LU, MA, MB, MBU, MCM, MdBG, MeB, MH, MiD, MiDU, MiEM, MiU, MnM, MNS, MnU, MoKU, MoS, MoSW, MoU, MtBC, MU, MWalB, MWelC, MWH, NBP, NBPu, NbU, NBuU, NcD, NcGU, NCH, NcRS, NcU, NFQC, NGvP, NHC, NhD, NIC, NjP, NjR, NmU, NN, NNC, NNR, NNU, NRU, NSyL, NSyU, NTR, OAU, OC, OCl, OClW, OCU, OKentU, OkS, OkU, OO, OOxM, OrCS, OrPR, OrU, OU, PBL, PBm, PLF, PPi, PPiC, PPiU, PPT, PSC, PSt, PU, RPB, RU, ScCleU, ScU, TU, TxArU, TxCM, TxDa, TxDaM, TxHU, TxLT, TxSaC, TxU, TxWB, UU, ViBlbV, ViU, ViW, VtMiM, VtU, WaS, WaU, WMUW, WU.
For references to County Federal Savings bank and it’s branches in Stamford, Connecticut, see: pp. 190-194.
  2. Yolen-Cohen, Malerie. “On course: Brewers Yacht Haven’s voyage from industrial-era shipworms to ‘green’ marina.” Living In Stamford. 2001 Jun-Jul; Vol. 3 (No. 1[i.e.4]) pp. 47-52, 54, 56; ISSN: 1524-6183.
Notes: Published by Living In Stamford, Stamford, Connecticut.
Location: CtSHi.
Abstract: “Situated on a peninsula and separated in two halves by Stamford Harbor, the land that is now Brewers Yacht Haven figures prominently in the city’s history. From its days as Luders Marine Construction in the early – to mid – 1900s to its present day incarnation as an ecologically progressive marina, the site has embodied coastal Stamford’s dual personality, forever treading the tightrope between commerce and pleasure. As recently as 150 years ago, residents dipped their toes into Long Island Sound, steamer shuttles floated hundreds of passengers weekly to Manhattan and factories churned out products as well as toxins. Our predecessors made use of the Sound’s beauty and natural resources and, as advances in technology allowed, outfoxed the limitations of the city’s forbidding shoreline terrain.

Today, this environmentally progressive, state-of-the-art marina consists of two sites. Yacht Haven West has slips as long as 139 feet and accommodates boats that average 42 feet in length. Yacht Haven East’s slips are more shallow and house more powerboats. In all, the marina hosts 650 slips, two yacht brokers, a yacht rigger, sail makers, wood and glass boat works, the Stamford Marine Police, a sailing school and the marine operations for the environmental educational organization Sound Waters.”   Malerie Yolen-Cohen, pp. 47-48.   (Copyright 2001 by Living In Stamford. Reproduced with permission.)
  3. Yonge, Philip successively Bishop of Bristol and of Norwich. A sermon [on Matthew 28 : 8-20] preached before the incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts: at their anniversary meeting in the parish church of St. Mary-le-Bow, on Friday, February 15, 1765. London: Printed by E. Owen and T. Harrison [etc.]; 1765; 119, [1] pp., paper covers, 23 cm. 
Notes: Title page reads: “A / SERMON / Preached before the / Incorporated SOCIETY / FOR THE / Propagation of the Gospel in / Foreign Parts; / AT THEIR /ANNIVERSARY MEETING / IN THE / Parish Church of ST. MARY-LE-BOW, / On FRIDAY February 15, 1765. / – / By the Right Reverend Father in GOD, / PHILIP Lord Bishop of NORWICH. / – / LONDON: / Printed by E. OWEN and T. HARRISON in / Warwick-Lane; and Sold by A. MILLAR / at Buchanan’s Head in the Strand. / – / MDCCLXV [1765].” 
Location: CSmH, CtHT, CtSoP, CtY, DLC, ICN, MH, NN, PHi, RPJCB.
Includes “An abstract of the charter, and of the Proceedings of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts” has running title: “An abstract of the Proceedings of the Society.”
For additional information on Ebenezer Dibble and his letter of March 26, 1764, see: Kenneth Walter Cameron The Church of England in pre-Revolutionary Connecticut: new documents and letters concerning the loyalist clergy and the plight of their surviving church. Hartford [1976], leave 125.
Abstract: “The Rev. Mr. Dibblee, the Society’s Missionary at Stamford in Connecticut, in his Letters dated March 26, and Oct. 4, 1764, writes, that the Number of Inhabitants in Stamford and Greenwich are about 4830 Whites and 110 Blacks; of Heads of Families, Professors of the Church of England in both Towns 170, of actual Communicants 61, of baptized in the preceding Year 67 white Infants and 1 black; 6 white Adults and 1 black.” An abstract of the Proceedings of the Society, p. 55.

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